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April 2018 Notes
Well it's raining here today in bucolic Cotati, a good day to stay home from work, especially if you work outside like I do. Speaking of work, Rob Ruiz, The Sorentinos bass player and my partner in crime for the last thirty something years has just retired from his job in the Marin Country Parks system. I am sure he will keep himself busy, as is his nature, and we all wish him the best. He earned it. I am hoping either the end of this year or next July and I can join the ranks of the unemployed, and can just play music for the rest of my life. That's what it comes down to in the end, trying to get an exit plan that allows you to do what you would like to do in your final push for the finish line. I am really looking forward to stop making that commute to work, and reading a new book or two, and spending time with my grandkids, and feel like I have enough time not to rush everywhere to get it done ....Now. And of course everything is predicated on health, and you can only do what you can, many things are out of your control. Some gets more, some gets less.
So the big news is the new Lucky Buck and The Winners album is out and available at and The Last Record Store in Santa Rosa. It's gonna be up on itunes and all those other online streaming sites very soon. So far they are playing it on KRSH and KRCB here in Sonoma County, so give em a call and ask them to give it a spin. Both stations are online, so you can listen all over this great big old world..
Rob and I am going to book some Sorentino gigs this year. We only played one last year, but I am planning on turning out the last Sorentinos album this year, and I really think it will be the last one. if I do anymore songs for public consumption it will just be online singles, and that will be it. Once I retire I can't afford to put them out and really I find it hard to come up with anything new these days that will keep my interest long enough to finish the project. This will be my 25th album, and that's enough songs to play for the rest of my life. So look for the album around July/August I have most of it in the can now, I need to write maybe two more songs and that will be it..
So stay tuned I will be posting gigs for the summer time very soon.
dig you later , Danny S.
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