Rock Notes

December 2017 Notes
Hello from the coast with the most. Happy holidays and Merry Chrimble from The Sorentinos, the family and the band.
It’s been a year since The Sorentinos have played a public gig and I must say I was glad to have the year off of live gigs to concentrate on my day job at the waterfront. If all goes well, I have one more year left before I can retire and just play music till the end of line....
Speaking of the end of the line it was a tough year in rock and roll hero Tom Petty, Pat Di Nizio from one of Rob's favorite bands, The Smithereens, 50's Rock Pioneers Fats Domino, Chuck Berry , and then one of my fave singers of all time, Greg Allman, along with Chris Cornell. another great singer and J.Giles. Yeah, bad year. Well we can only be glad we were able to be on the planet at the same time as all these great artists and be comforted with the Musical legacy they left us. I know after Tom died, it made me want to play again, if for no other reason just to carry the torch of Rock and Roll on… which is a endangered species at this point.
In that spirit, I wrote my first song of the year right after Tom passed called "I'm not ready", which we will play for the first time live tonight at The Redwood Cafe in Cotati. I am looking forward to seeing all of our friends we haven’t seen this year and just to get out and shake the cobwebs off. I also wrote a Lucky Buck song for Christmas call "Country Western Christmas", and then I wrote a bunch more. They just happened to be passing by so I thought I would grab them while they were out there. I'm not sure if these will be Lucky Buck songs or Sorentino songs yet but I do have enough for a new album so look for something coming out by Spring of next year 2018.
Well that’s enough for now. Hope to see ya at the gig tonight if you around the North Bay, and if not check out itunes or CDbaby for our new single.
dig you later , Danny S.
Oh here’s the cd baby link to our single

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