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Almost July 2016 Notes
Have you heard the news there's good rockin tonight? Elvis -1954-Sun Records.
I just thought I would start off with that as it just jumped in my mind. That song was written by Roy Brown in 1947, but the first version I heard was by Elvis, and then by Wynonnie Harris, which is also a great version. Not sure which one I like more. So many great records, and so little time.
Speaking of records, my new album "Danny Sorentino Sings, and Then Doesn't" has been released upon an unsuspecting world, and is now available on, and will be up on iTunes soon, and is for sale at The Last Record Store in Santa Rosa. It's what all the kids will be dancing to this summer, so if you want to get a head start on your dance steps, now is the time to spend the $9.99! I had a great time writing these songs hope you have a great time listening to them if you can find the time in your busy day. I know it's hard for me to fit in everything little thing these days, it just seems like time is compressing as I get older.
I have been out promoting the new album at the all the local radio stations. I had a nice in-station with my buddy Andre at KRSH, and today I am doing KRCB with Brian, and this afternoon with Doug Jayne and Steve Jaxon on KSRO. So I'm doing all that a poor boy can do and trying to enjoy it.
This is The Sorentinos busy season. July will be our zenith of gigs for the year I am thinking. I have a few more gigs to add to our calendar and now it's time to try to relearn a few old songs and learn a few new ones.
That's pretty much been my life for the last forty years .....I have been a lucky lad.
Well come on out and dig the vibe while we’re alive.
Danny boy

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