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Almost June 2016 Notes
Hello from the west coast of the U.S.A. It's the end of May, and the hay fever here is kicking ass and taking names. I am trying to get through the day and I am staying in my crib, or going to the beach where it's not as bad for me.
I am here listening to the final mixes of my new solo album "Danny Sorentino Sings And Then Doesn't" . My buddy Joe Groma has come up with another great cover and we should be going to press very soon. I hope to have copies for The Sorentinos first gig of the summer at the Novato Arts and Wine Festival on Saturday June 11th. I really wasn't expecting to put out a record this year at all, but these songs kinda fell in my lap and I just thought I should put them on tape, just in demo form to have while they were still fresh in my mind. So I just got a click track going and put down a acoustic guitar and scratch vocal, and I thought they sounded pretty good. So I had Rory come over with just a little drum kit and see what the songs would sound like a little more fleshed out. And then, I said to myself... Dan these songs would be fun to play live this summer. So I finished them up real easy like. To keep it simple I just played everything myself cuz I just didn't want to drag anyone else through learning the songs, and I liked the parts I had, and I heard the record as a stripped down simple sounding record just focused on the songs with little or no production to speak of. It’s my first record with no background vocals and the first one where I just kept the bass parts I put on the demos instead of having real bass players put parts on. I had 10 songs and dropped two, but then I had two other tracks I had cut in the last two years or so. One was a instrumental I had written for The Valiants, a little cover band that I am part of, and I really liked the song so I put it on last. And I kept the garage band drum track on it cuz it just fit and that's also were I got the title of the album, cuz I sing 9 songs then I don't! The other one was a acoustic number I had for the Rock Bop album, but it didn't really fit the 50's format of that record. So I had it in the can as they say, and it was just a one take one mic song and it fit the theme of this record, which is mostly about getting older and all the joy it brings.
So I am excited about releasing number 22, and hope everyone digs the songs when we play them this year, not that we need anymore songs to play! But a band is like a shark, you have to keep moving or you die. I have always tried to move forward and write a better song and make a different record, so there you have it. The Sorentinos are ready to start their 30th year of making music and playing live and will try to have a little something for everyone, young and old. So come on out and dig the vibe while we're alive!
dig you later, Danny man

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