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Mid June 2015 Notes
Well folks, never say never. It looks like The Sorentinos 21st album 'Rock and Roll Beat' has slipped out this week, just in time for summertime fun and games. I know I said I was not gonna release another record for a long time, if ever, and here we go again with a 10 song 29 minute CD just made for singing along with in your car while going over the speed limit on a hot summer night.
I have already dropped off a copy to KRSH radio in Sonoma County, so give them a ring and tell em to give a track or two a spin, and then you can go to The Last Record Store in Santa Rosa, and buy a copy, or wait for a week or so if you are not local, and get it on itunes or or stream it or whatever young people do today! My buddy Doug Jayne will be spinning a cut or two on Tuesday the 23rd of June on the new music release show on KRCB 91.9 FM, or you can stream it on your device whatever that may be. I personally can’t be left to my own devices.......
On To the gig front. So we are not playing many live shows this year for many reasons, the main reason is it's just hard getting four grownup schedules together over the summer and fall when we aren't working, on vacation, or have another gig of some kind and to be truthful, I am lot more picky about what I will take these days. It's gotta be kinda close to the house and has to have a high fun factor. So far, the gigs we have played have been fun and we are slowly getting the new songs into their own groove, and having fun seeing if Steve can remember all the songs we threw at him this summer, and really, if we can all remember them! We are playing 8 songs off the new CD right now which is a high number for us, we will usually end up with 3 or 4 songs that end up being in the rotation, so it's been a challenge, but as always that's the best part about playing live... you never know what's gonna happen! So if you get a chance come on out to a gig if your in the hood.
I told Rob ,as of right now, I am into going until next year when The Sorentinos as a band will hit our 30 year anniversary, and after that, I'm really not sure. We are all getting close to retirement age, maybe not actual retirement, but that age! And at this point, everything is predicated on health and things to cross off your bucket list! So we are all hoping to make it to the end of the line with a little money and some quality time to spend with our friends and family.....whether loading up your gear and going to gig is part of that equation remains to be seen. But as always, I live in hope. How can I not, after putting out 21 albums? I’m always thinking great things are possible
dig you later , Danny

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