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May 2017 Notes
"If you would be so kind, to help me find my mind, I would like to thank you in advance". I just put on a Percy Mayfield record I haven't listened to in a long time, he is such a great songwriter, and it makes me wonder how his music is going survive the ages, or any of those great blues/R&B artists of that time frame, which is late 40's and 50's. I hope someone on the radio is still playing this music so future generations can groove on it. I may just have to put a Percy song in my next live set. I guess that's my way to keep it going.
So just a few new happenings. The first thing is I have put out a 10 song album with a cool little trio called Popular Beat Combo, which is me, Robert Malta on bass and vocals, and Rick Cutler on drums. It's a fun record, just made for summertime movin' and groovin'. It is available up at the Last Record Store in Santa Rosa. And it's available now on CDBABY, and should be up on iTunes soon. I think you will be hearing it on KRSH 95.9 FM, and I am getting ready to go over to KRCB right now to do a interview with my good buddy Doug Jayne on his radio show for a new release thang that he does on Tuesdays. I think we will do a few gigs this year, not that many but enough to get the music to the peoples. So keep a eye out on your local entertainment calendar and I will of course post them here.
I will be playing a few gigs with The Sorentinos later in the year. Right now we have nothing booked, but we want to do a show this summer since it's the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, and I would like to play our 'San Francisco Sounds' album which is one of my very favorite Sorentinos albums. So we shall see what we end up doing.
In the meantime, be sure to go out and see Rob's trio The Beers Scouts. You know them all. Rob on bass, Howard on guitar, and Kenny on drums. They are playing live quite a bit. Check out their Facebook page!!
I have been busy working on the waterfront trying to get my last few years in before I can retire, and go back to playing music full time. I have also been digging my first grandson, Lincoln Pike, who happens to live next door. And i am now waiting for my youngest daughter Lily to have her baby in August!
So there is always something to do here in Shady Grove ,
Well that’s that for now, Peace and dig you later , Danny

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