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Memorial Day Weekend, 2018 Notes
Hey there music people everywhere. I just wanted to do a quick update to tell you about the gigs we have so far for the summer.
So I will be playing in Cotati at The Cotati Plaza on Saturday June 16th. It is billed as 'Danny Sorentino and Friends'. I will be playing Sorentino songs, but Rob is on vacation, and Steve had a gig already. So I got my good pals Kenny Susan and Kent Fossgreen to be the rhythm section along with Sorentino regular Russ Kerger on keyboards and my buddy Andre de Channes on guitar. We will hit the stage at 4:30 and play a 90 minute set. Come on down, if your in town.
The Sorentinos proper will be playing at Taft Street Winery in Sebastopol on Sunday July 22nd at 2:00 and will rock till 5:00. Be sure to bring your wine bag so you can stock up on some top notch vino while you dig The Sorentinos! Yeah lyrics are my specialty!
And then in August we are at The Redwood Cafe on Friday the 17th.
And so far that is it. I think a few more will fall in before summer ends, so keep an eye on the website for the latest.
It is Memorial Day weekend as I write this, which is always the beginning of summer to me, and the end being Labor Day. That's how much time we got off school in San Francisco in the good ole days. Ahh summertime, when the living is easy. Thanks Ira Gershwin, for that one. I always watch "Saving Private Ryan" on Memorial Weekend just to remind myself of the sacrifice so many made so we could be free today in the USA. So everyone have a great weekend, drive safe, and we hope to see you at one or more of our shows this summer
dig you later , Danny S.
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