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November 2017 Notes
So where to begin.
First of all that was the worst October I've ever lived through in my 61 years on the planet. The Vegas shootings, Tom Petty passing, and then the fires in Santa Rosa. That's enough of that.
In response to all the weird shit going on in the atmosphere, I seemed to have wrote my first song of the year, called "I'm Not Ready". It is up on cdbaby now and KRSH 95.9 FM have been playing it, as well as KRCB 91.1 on your FM dial. I wasn't planning on writing anything this year but I needed the therapy apparently, and I think it came out pretty good. Anyway, I am in a little writing groove right now, so we shall see what I am left with after the spirit has moved me.
I am looking forward to getting back on horse after being off all year from The Sorentinos, so we are gonna start practicing the new songs I have along with our Christmas catalog next week for our first gig of the year at The Redwood Cafe in Cotati on Saturday the 23rd of December. After Tom's death, I kinda reassessed my relationship to my music and playing live. I feel we need to carry the torch, so to speak of our particular brand of Rock and Roll. And we worked so hard on our catalog of recorded songs I just felt like it would be a shame not to share them with as many people as we can with whatever time we have left.
So let’s see what happens... Dig you later , Danny
Oh here’s the cd baby link to our single

I'm Not Ready (click here)

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