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September Notes
Hello internet world, we are having the start of indian summer here in beautiful northern California. It's gonna be a nice day for a little bbq, and a splash of Rose wine. It's days like this when I am glad to live here, even with the high living cost and horrendous traffic.
Well The Sorentinos are down to three gigs left for the year of 2016. The first one is at The Redwood Cafe in Cotati on Saturday the 1st of October, and then the following Saturday at Lagunitas Brewery in Petaluma. And then our Christmas show at the Twin Oaks on the 17th of December. And that's a wrap. The Sorentinos will be on holiday for the year of 2017, so come on out to the last gigs if you can.
So yesterday I went to the Rafael Theater to see the new Ron Howard Beatle movie, 'Eight Days A Week' with my buddy David Templeton and most of my family, who needless to say were raised with much Beatle music playing day and night in their formative years, which I am sure is one of the reasons they are such splendid people today! Anyway, the movie was great and I recommend you see it in the theater with the big screen and dolby sound and comfy chair. I do want to mention David will be running a article in the Pacific Sun on our reactions to the movie, and a overall pondering of why The Beatles are still so great. My one real take away from the movie was I forgot just how massively massive The Beatles were. There will never be another social and musical phenomenon like that in our lifetime or perhaps ever again. I will try to post the article on the website when it comes out, or at least have a link to it. Thanks Dave for having us along!
On a super sad note a really good friend of The Sorentinos passed away last week ,the super sweet Sheena McCulloch. Sheena was our production coordinator on all of our CD's up to 'The End of Day' and a invaluable member of The Sorentino team that got the music to the people. In the early days, when we first started recording and producing our own records, Sheena made it possible for us to get quality product at a price that we could afford, which was a big deal for us. And she took care of all the details of production which allowed us to concentrate on the music. And, I must add, that she did this out of the goodness of her heart. I don't believe she ever made a dime from helping us out. Like so many people along way who helped us get the music out there because they loved it and were glad to be part of it, no one got rich putting out Sorentino records. But I am richer for knowing all of them, and Sheena was one them. Thank you Sheena. Gods speed.
Dig you later,
Danny S.

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