Rock Notes

April 2012
Well, as usual I have been somewhat remiss in my efforts to update the web page in a timely fashion.But I am here now to tell you...The Sorentinos new CD is almost ready to be released, maybe not so much as release as escape! It looks like 15 new songs for the peoples and for the peoples to buy! I think it may get here in May, just in time to get you primed up for the good old summertime when the living is easy, or not as hard as when you are working! anyway I am really pleased with the songs we have on tape... I mean the computer... and along with the blues songs, we have a few bonus tracks. So 12 blues songs and 3 bonus cuts, and I am still not sure how the cover will look, or what the title will be, but it won't be long now till it all comes together in a burning blues package of pounding pagan rhythms and folk wisdom couplets that rhyme in time! We will be adding a sample cut soon, and I will be back at you in a few weeks with all the final news about the new Sorentinos- Blues Italian style CD coming to a download near you soon.
dig you later ,