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September 2018 Notes
Hello from the Coast with the most. It's coming on Indian Summer here in the Bay area and as any San Franciscan knows, this is when we get our best weather of the year. Let's hope it keeps to form and we get some nice Autumn days.
I am working on the last Sorentinos album now. I just finished writing the songs for it this week, and am now making demos and trying to figure out how it will all go together. I am working with 18 songs, but I think I will cut it down to 14 before it's all said and done. I always like the 14 number since that's what most of The Beatles English studio albums were. I am hoping for a Christmas time release, but it may be early next year depending on how much I have to work on the waterfront for the rest of the year.
I am hoping to retire at either the end of the year or next July 1st, depending on how my shoulders hold up. Either way, I am a short timer and I am looking forward to getting back to playing more live gigs in the future.
Speaking of gigs, I have booked a date in October at The Redwood Cafe on Tom Petty's birthday, October 20th. It's a Saturday night, and we will be sharing the bill with The THUGZ. We will go on after them, sometime around 9:30. So come on down, it's gonna be a special night. It is also by buddy Andre de Channes' birthday weekend, so it will be a barn burner with maybe a few Tom songs thrown in for good pleasure!
We may also play in Sausalito at Taste of Rome again, probably at the beginning of October. Check back soon, and I will post the gigs asap!
Well that is that.
dig you later , Danny S.
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