Rock Notes

August 2019 Notes
Hello from Shady Grove, where it’s always sunny.
It has been a super busy summer for all of us here at Shady Grove in bucolic Cotati. We have spent most of the summer getting ready for my son's wedding here on the property, house painting, roofing, new driveway, and lots of yard work! We had a lovely wedding in July for Cappy and Francis. And then, not two weeks later my daughter Lily had her second child - Luca Sorentino Ratleff! And we had a couple Sorentino gigs in there as well. It's been a whirlwind.
I am ready to slow down the pace around here but it seems there is always something to do down on the farm. The Sorentinos - the band - do have a few gigs coming up real soon here in August. My buddy Steve Lee is coming in from England, so I decided to play a few gigs while he is in town, so we will try to dust off a few old Sorentino chestnuts from the deep catalog and see what happens.
So if you can come on out to our limited West Coast tour,. it should be entertaining! The dates are below, and we also have one gig in September with The Taz Devils in Marin County that should be a fun one too!
Dig you later , Danny S.
Oh here’s the cd baby link to our single

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