Rock Notes

April 2021
Hello from the left coast. It's been a while since my last music notes. But as you know, we find ourselves living in interesting times, and a very volatile landscape than seems to change everyday. The good news is things seem to be getting back to what normal life used to be, and I am thinking it will only get better as more people get vaccinated, and we get to the end of this horrid pandemic.
I know this is true cuz The Sorentinos have had our first full band practice in more than a year last week and it was so much fun. We had another one this week! All the guys have had their shots, and are ready to start rocking again in whatever form is deemed socially responsible in the near future. We have a private gig in July and might do a Healdsburg Square gig in August if they decide to move forward with that concert series this year. I will post any gig we may have ASAP to give everyone plenty of time to fit it into your post pandemic schedule.
I am also excited about The Sorentinos new CD “Home” being released this May. We are gonna Spring it on you just when the weather is getting nice and your ears are ready for some new sounds. Thank god for music is all I can say. It gave me somewhere to go everyday when I couldn't go anywhere. So this is my 26th album including Lucky Buck and the Winners,Popular Beat Combo, The Chills , Danny Sorentino and the Sinners and my 3 solo records. You can't say I don’t have a strong work ethic! The new album has 14 songs recorded at different times over the last 2 years. I recorded a few songs on my iPad in Palm Springs, and some were recorded live and then overdubbed here at Shady Grove. All the guys are on it, Steve Lee flew in his parts from merry old England via the internet, and everyone else made the scene, usually one at a time in the studio here. I was glad to have Joe Groma do the artwork again and Harry Gale mix it like the master that he is. There is something to working with the same guys over a long period of time that just makes the process of making a record more fun because you know all your bases are covered so to speak.
Well that's that for now. I will post when the record drops as the young folks say.
Stay tuned stay safe and we hope to see you in person soon.
Dig you later, Danny

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