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May 2019 Notes
Hello out there. I am listening to Little Feat's 'Cold Cold Cold' off of my fave Little Feat Album 'Sail’n Shoes', which was also the name of one of my first bands back in the 70s. Man, that was a long time ago now…
Tis a gray day here in Cotati Ca. Still waiting for some real 'spring is sprung' type weather, but I am sure it's right around the corner, as the hayfever symptoms are starting to kick in.
The Sorentinos have all been doing our own thing. Rob playing with his band The Beer Scouts, Rory with his Jazz bands, Russ with the THUGZ, Steve with all the rest of the bands in Sonoma County! And Steve Lee, over in merry old England is still working in the music bidness. I have just been concentrating on getting my hours at the waterfront, so I can retire at the end of the year. Which means I can then get back to being a full time music guy. The Sorentinos do have a few gigs lined up right up now and my lovely wife will post them in our upcoming gigs.
We have July 2nd in Healdsburg square for their Music in the Park series, which is always a fun gig. And my son's bar, Dukes, is right on the square, so it’s easy to get into trouble! And then we have July 19th at The Redwood Cafe in Cotati.
So far, that's it. So get out and groove while you can!
Dig you later , Danny S.
Oh here’s the cd baby link to our single

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