Rock Notes

April 2013
Well peoples. Spring is getting ready to get sprung here in bucolic Cotati Ca, and man is it sweet! I am off work from the waterfront now as I am in one of my cluster migraine headache cycles. So everyday I just try to relax and smell the air and look at the trees that are around my house and dig the vibe. The good news is in between headaches, I have been putting some work in on our new album, and I am hoping to have it out by the middle of June. Just before our batch of summer gigs that seem to be growing all the time .I am really excited about this record and I think it will be the perfect summertime soundtrack for all the swinging cats and kittens into that true rock and roll sound of the 50’s.
Speaking of 50’s....This month Rob Ruiz turned 60 years old, and had a groovy little party in Novato that was really fun! A rocking little affair with The Sorentinos, The Vatcher Brothers, and Black Cat Bone, all playing for a packed house. It was rocking and reeling, and it was great to see so many old friends having such a good time dancing and drinking. The way a party should be. So Happy Birthday Rob you made it! I will put some links up on the page for photos of the party and a link to Rob’s online interview in For Bass Players Only.
The Sorentinos will be taking a Slow Ride over to The Uptown Theater in Napa to open for Foghat this Saturday night the 27th. There are still tickets available, so swing on by if you get a chance. I always think it’s fun to see us in a real concert setting vs a bar or a club or party.... it’s whole different beast really.....
Well that’s all my tired little head can think of right now , will be back at ya when the album is done.
Until then Rock , bop and Rhythm and blues people.
Dig you later , Danny man

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