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April 2015 Notes
Hey there peoples,
It is April for the 59th time for me, and it seems Spring has sprung. Of course, it's hard to tell here in California, since it hardly rains anymore, and the temp is almost the same most of the year. But I can tell it's Spring cuz I can feel the pollen in the air. So I have been staying inside, keeping busy writing a few songs for our summer, gigging season, and who knows we might even turn out a CD or release some songs online. I’m not sure yet.
The Sorentinos have been recording some new songs in my front room, AKA Shady Grove Studio, and the tracks sound pretty good. I wasn't planning on turning out another record for a long time, then suddenly I was off work with a bad shoulder for a few months, and next thing you know, presto, 9 new songs! These songs were inspired by late 70's punk/pop, and was kinda like the songs I wrote in my first band The Chills. I was also going through a bit of a Ramones faze and was intrigued by the under three minute pop song. So that's what i did, and it was fun. By the way, the three minute pop song is not so easy to write. I found it was really hard for me to take out a lot of the blues and country aspects of my song writing, and had to keep revamping the songs. So we shall see what we end up with.
On the band front, we have made a change in the guitar chair as we have my old buddy Steve Barbieri coming in this summer and playing as many gigs as his busy schedule will permit. Steve and I have been friends for many years, and he was the guitar player in my first band, The Chills, and has been on just about every Sorentino album singing backgrounds. It's gonna be great to have him around again and who knows maybe even a Chills song or two will find it's way back into the set list. We would like to wish the best to Howard Vatcher, our guitar player off and on for the last 20 years or so, with whatever music projects he has going along with his band The Vatcher Brothers. It was time for Howard to devote his full time and energy to his own projects. Good luck Howard!
Well that's about it for now. We have starting booking a few gigs, so keep an eye on the gig page we will be adding some here and there,
So keep rockin.
dig you later , Danny

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