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Almost April 2016 Notes
Hello world.
It's just about Spring here in swinging Sonoma County, and we are just coming off some much needed rain, and hoping for more to make sure all of our flowers grow tall here at Shady Grove. I am listening to a vinyl copy of 'Mose Allison Sings' on the Prestige label and digging the song "If you live". As Mose says, if you live your time will come, and you know that's right on the money. So far Rob and I have lived long enough to be in the same band for 30 years, although the way things are going you never know how many more gigs we have left.
I am in the middle of my cluster migraine headache cycle, which usually lasts around six weeks or so and is a real pain in the......head. I am hoping for a short cycle. At the start of my headaches the doctor puts me on super high doses of prednisone, which is no fun at all, but man you will have the cleanest garage in town! And the worst thing is, I can’t drink a drop, or it will give me a screaming headache. Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea! Rob has had ankle surgery, and it really hasn't helped him the way he thought it would, and he had a virus for a few months while all this was going on! So as you see, it's always something!
Anyway, we hope to be 100% by the time our summer gig schedule kicks in in June. My lovely wife Margaret will post all the gigs we have so far on our Shows Page.
The Sorentinos are happy to be around for this long, and grateful to all of our friends and fans that have got us this far. Hope to see as many of you as possible this year. Oh, also, we had a Sorentinos birthday this last month... our drummer Rory Judge mad another trip around the sun. Happy Birthday Rory Lad!
dig you later, Danny man

Here is a great article on Rob.....

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