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August Notes 2014
Hello peoples all over world , it's a nice August day here in Cotati, Ca., and it happens to be the 45th anniversary of Woodstock ! I didn’t go to Woodstock, but my brother and I watched the movie about 50 times at the Parkway Drive-in in Petaluma the summer we moved up here from the city in 1970. It was a long walk from our house on Liberty Road, but it was a nice hot summer and we were trapped out in the country so it was the only game in town and i really dug the movie. I think my favorite part was Ten Years After. I was already a fan and had their first three albums, but I had yet to see them live, so that was a real revelation for me and the song "I'm going home" was really just a bunch of great 50's rock songs all mashed together, but man, the energy and groove was something I had never seen before. I also really liked Richie Havens. His soul level really touched me and was unlike a lot of the rock I was listening to at the time. Now both Alvin Lee and Richie have left the planet and it makes me a little sad and reflective but also grateful I was around to see them both live and be on the planet the same time they were. So I know what I am watching tonight when i get home from the gig in Rio Nido!
We are about half way through our Summer/Fall gigging schedule and the band is sounding pretty good to my ears. We have Russ Kerger on keyboard on most of the gigs, and on a few gigs we are doing our normal four piece whenever Russ can’t make it. The new Sorentinos album "San Francisco Sound" is doing well, and we are out trying to get people to give a listen live and then take the record home, and dig the SF vibes! I have had a lot people ask me about this being the last Sorentinos album ,so I just want to make clear what's going on. When I was making this album about growing up in SF in the 60's, I kinda felt like I had come full circle, and this being the 20th album I have put out it just seemed like a really good time to take a break from making records on the schedule I have been doing since 1989. So that's 20 albums in 25 years, that's a lot of songwriting and time in the studio no matter how you cut it. I have had a good time doing this but it has also been a lot of work, songs just don’t fall out of the sky! It takes a lot of time to try to come up with something new and something that keeps you interested enough to keep slogging along. But now I have reached the point where I want to rest for a while, and have some time to read a book, or go to a Giants game, or lay in my hammock! So the plan now is to finish out the year with this great band and then next year I will figure out what i want to do next. It may be write a book or a blog or something new music wise, or nothing at all. I really don’t know.
So if you get a chance this year, come on out see this great band live while the sun does shine!
dig you later , Danny S.

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