Rock Notes

December 2011
Merry Chrimble and Happy new year to all you swinging cats and kitties ! get ready Teddy and Betty for a way out 2012 here in the land of Tino. We are glad this year is over and done with! and although The Sorentinos had a good year overall, I know it was a challenging year for many folks with the economy in the dumper, lack of jobs, or no jobs, the housing market in the toilet [ really not good here in California] with no sign of recovery in the foreseeable future and a government that is too busy fighting among themselves to solve any problems that the everyday person has, yeah good thing we have music or I don’t know we would do! So let’s all hope for a better 2012. I have a positive outlook for the future which is very much against my nature but I just think people have to do the right thing now or it’s all gonna go down the drain and everyone knows it.
So lets start with some great news, The Sorentinos will be debuting their new web site at the beginning of 2012! Our good buddy Todd Crawshaw will be giving the page a badly needed revamping and good going over to bring it up to the modern standards all the kids are used to these days. So keep an eye out for “Sorentinos Mach 2 the new direction” coming to a computer screen near you in early 2012!
I am also extremely stoked about the new CD we will have out Spring 2012, it will be a blues record, but you know ... A Sorentino’s blues record so not your standard kinda blues there will be a few shimmy and shakes in there to keep you off balance. I have just finished what I think is the last song for the album today December 26th but you never know one or two might pop in before it’s all said and done. I am pretty sure most of the songs are good , it's always hard to tell right after you write them which ones will stand the test of time or even make it through the recording process. I know i had a good time writing them, writing blues is very tricky you want to stay in the framework of the blues but at the sametime say something that comes from you and not Muddy Waters or Willie Dixon, it was an experiment in terror everyday, I know so many blues songs I always knew when I was nicking something from a old blues song, so if I couldn’t make it mine I had to throw it out.... It really hurt sometimes to be almost done with a song and then go oh no that's a Howling Wolf song!
So anyway we will start recording in January 2012 and see what happens, I am gonna try to do the whole thing live and then overdub background vocals and maybe a keyboard or horn part or two and then viola’ the blues century 21 ! oh yeah since I wrote the last installment of music notes in October both Howard and I have had birthdays and are still here on the planet to rock till the day we die ! We will start gigging again in February and start kicking it up as we come into Spring and get full tilt boogie in the Summertime, well everyone hang in there we’re gonna make it! Dig you later,
Danny Man