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December 2013
Hey peoples,
Merry Chrimble and Happy Holidays from California on this cold December morning, my trusty iphone says it's 28 degrees outside right now so I am super glad I didn't have to go to work today. Too cold to work outside I am thinking. So here I am with my nice cuppa Typhoo tea listening to The Kinks "I'm thinking of the days...". Nothing like a nice cup of tea and a English band to start your day off! Hope you are warm and toasty where ever you are, and if your not, we have a hot new Christmas EP that we just finished that has three new Christmas songs and one bonus song to ease you into 2014.
2014! Man, that is kinda freakin me out it seems like one of those Sci fy numbers you read when you were a kid "and in the year 2014,..." you can fill in the blank. I am not sure this is were George Orwell thought we would be, but life in 2013 was pretty weird.
So I will have some cd's at our Christmas gigs and if you are in the North Bay area, you can pop in and get one at The Last Record Store in Santa Rosa or they are available for download only on We will be playing them at our next two shows only and that would be at The Hopmonk Novato on Dec. 14th and Russian River Brewing Co. in Santa Rosa on Sunday Dec. 22nd. The Hopmonk Show is a benefit for Marin County Food Bank and Marin Humane Society, and our Russian River Brewing Co. show will be the last for the year and our last one there, as they are stopping music at the end of this year. So come on out and get in the Christmas spirit or drink a few Christmas spirits or both!
We had a great year really. We released our 19th album "Rock Bop Rhythm and Blues" in June and then played gigs all summer supporting it. Thanks to all the folks that got behind the record,the local radio stations and magazines/papers, and all the folks that bought a copy or two. Sorentino fans are the best! No, really, there was a independent survey and Sorentino fans are smarter, better looking and have better taste than 99.9% of all music fans! Of course, you already knew that!
The Sorentinos are looking forward to 2014 and hope, the great spirit willing, we will be around rocking for a few more years and that you are all around for the party for as long as it lasts. We have been lucky so far and I am hoping to put out our 20th album next year, and I think it may be our last. I may have said enough at that point, I might go into something that really makes money, like writing a blog or sculpture!
Everyone have a Happy New Year and safe holiday see you next year!!
dig you later , Danny man

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