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December Notes 2014
"You make me dizzy miss lizzy!"
Hello peoples. I am listening to The Beatles "Rock and Roll" double album, having just bought a new turntable. I am loving going back through all my old records, of which I have a few. After working at Backdoor Records for nearly ten years I did manage to put together a pretty good collection. Some have seen better days, but now I can go buy some new ones to replace the old ones. Of course, now they cost 20 bucks when they used to be $4.99!
Today is December 8th, the 34th anniversary of John Lennon's death. I can't believe it was 34 years ago. I still remember watching Monday Night football when the announcement was made by Howard Cosell. It was just unbelievable, a real mindblower. I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around it. So every year on this day, I make sure to play a lot of John Lennon, not that I don't most of the time anyway.
So I heartily recommend you get a new turntable (if you don’t have a decent one now), and spin a 33 or two. It really does sound the best to my old ears, much better than mp3's or CD's, and way better than streaming music which I think just sounds horrid. Who knows I may turn out another vinyl record before it's all said and done!
So here we are at the end of 2014, and I am looking forward to some time off for the holidays to recharge my musical battery so to speak, but not until we play our Christmas show at The Twin Oaks Tavern in Penngrove on December 20th. We will play our original Christmas songs, and a few old chestnuts from the past. It's always a good time, and this year we are gonna be going deep into our catalog, and play a few songs we haven't played in a long time, or have never played live before. So all you cats and kitties do your best to dig the scene. It's going to be crazy daddy-o!
This has been a good year for the band overall. We had some fun gigs in the summer, and put out our 20th album 'San Francisco Sound'. We had my good buddy Russ Kerger join us on a bunch of dates, adding his keyboard sounds to our time tested two guitars, bass and drums. It has been fun to hear the songs with some new textures and to have Russ to hang with. Russ will be on our last date of the year at The Twin Oaks as well, so come out and say hey!
So thanks to everyone who came out to a gig or bought a CD we appreciate it! The Sorentinos would like to wish everyone a Merry Chrimble and Happy New Year! I've got to get up, and go turn over the record now. All of life is a trade-off.
Dig you later, Danny Sorentino

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