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December 2015 Notes
"I'm gonna have the blues for Christmas", is one of The Sorentinos Christmas songs, and as it turns out this year it's true. I have been going through a English blues guy period lately, mostly Clapton, Winwood, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac and Ten Years After. These are all the guys and bands that made me want to play music and after listening to these songs a thousand times they still resonate with me. It's like I’m still that 12 year old kid in my bedroom, just mesmerized by these exotic sounds coming out of my little portable record player that needed a quarter taped to the arm so it wouldn't skip! Oh Well. I am just loving it and as I approach my big 6-0 it seems right that I reconnect with the music that got me to where I am today where ever that may be ..... well it's 21 albums worth anyway!
The Sorentinos have had a good year, and I am looking forward to our big 30 year anniversary in 2016! Thirty years is a long time for anything, let alone a rock and roll band! I remember when you weren't suppose to trust anyone over 30, now my band is that old!!! But you can trust The Sorentinos to be..........well... The Sorentinos! It's been a interesting ride and I for one still can't think of anything more fun than being in a rock and roll band, even with all the ups and downs, drama, egos, member changes, bad breaks, lucky breaks and misspellings of the bands name! I have been lucky to have been able to play with guys that were also my friends and remain so many years later, and at the end of it all, that's all it's about anyway, just finding guys you want to hang out with.
So as we come up on our last gig of the year at the Hopmonk in Novato this Saturday, I just want to say that I'm grateful that I made it this far, and that the music still inspires me to leave my house on a Saturday night!
After this gig we will be taking some time off as Rob is going in for surgery for his ankles, and will out for several weeks. We wish him a speedy recovery and the band should be back to playing live in March or April.
Until then Merry Chrimble and Happy Blue Year!
dig you later , Danny man

Here is a great article on Rob.....

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