Rock Notes

February 2013
"So have you heard the news? There's good rockin tonight". I am listening to the King now as he pops up on my 50's playlist, I have always thought that for pure unadulterated power you can’t get any rawer or more rocking than the original rock that came out of the 50s and early 60's. Elvis, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Fat's Domino, Little Richard,Carl Perkins, Ricky Nelson, Duane Eddy, Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie Rich,The Everly Brothers, The Burnette Bros, Billy C. Riley and my personal fave Buddy Holly. I really love these songs and even more, the records! Just great sounding singles. It doesn't get any better than "Summertime Blues", great song great sounding record with the acoustic guitars just a rockin! And that great tape slapback sound you get on the vocals. There is just something magical about all that early Sun Records stuff. I mean face it, it was the high water mark for Elvis and most of the artists on that label.
So as I am writing my next batch of songs, I think a little of this vibe will be making it's way into my sub-concho, and then viola! Rock Rock Rock! It's funny how this stuff just pops up when your in the zone, cuz you never know what you're gonna get but that's the way it's leading me right now. Should be fun to play. I think I will record it live to 2 track tape like they did in the 50's, we have done that on a few of our past albums. I always liked the way those records sounded. So maybe a Summertime release this year if it all goes to plan.
We had a great gig at The Hopmonk in Novato last month on the heals of a nice article that Greg Cahill wrote about us in the Pacific Sun Times out of Marin county. I love to play inside a good sounding room with a good soundman. I am not a fan of playing outdoors too much, it rarely ever sounds good, and it’s hard to groove, and it just don’t seem natural to me to play rock-n-roll in the daylight!
It’s time to go back to work and crank out a few more if the spirit is with me, hope to see you all soon,
Rock on, Dig you later,
Danny S .......
oh Yeah our buddy Kenny Susan will be in the drumseat on the Last Day Saloon gig come out and say hi to Kenny!

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