Rock Notes

January 2012
Hello everyone near and far and welcome to the brand spanking new Sorentinos website! Brought to you by our good pal Todd Crawshaw from Crawshaw Design. Todd has done a great job on a limited budget and we want to thank him for all his hard work. So this will be a work in progress for the first couple of months while we get every little thing tweaked and in proper working order. Check out all the new bells and whistles we gots going on it’s pretty cool!
Along with our new website we start recording our new album on January 29th in Petaluma at Room with a view Studios with my old buddy Jamie Bridges. I am always super stoked to start a new record and I am really excited to do a Sorentino blues album because ... we have never done one!
This album represents the second of my trilogy. I always wanted to do a country record which I did a few years back with Lucky Buck and the Winners CD and now the blues record and last will be a English type pop record, all of my main three songwriting influences. The working title is “Blues Century 21” but I am guessing that will change. We are going to be recording this record live in the studio with little or no over dubbing so that’s a challenge there, we haven’t done that since our "What we Dream" album over 15 years ago! Which is one of my fave Sorentino discs to this very day.
So we plan I having this baby out in March sometime if all goes well. My good buddy Joe Groma is on board doing the album cover art like he has for the last 14 Sorentino CD’s. So it should be a fun one to do. At this point if it’s not fun I’m not doing it!
I will post the week after we record to let everyone know how it’s going and might post a preview song or two if I have them ready. So dig the new site it’s outta site!
Well that’s it from the west coast for now. Dig you later,