Rock Notes

January 2013
Well happy new year to all and sundry! I am home from work with a simply dreadful cold/flu bug so I am putting my head up long enough to write the notes for this month.
I am watching the George Harrison film "Living in the Material World" and i just love it! I think my daughter Nora gave it to me she’s always getting me music stuff, such a good girl! Anyway that’s the only way to get through a flu, laying on the couch with a cup of tea watching your fave movies. I love the part in the movie where Paul is describing George when he first met him and a mutual friend says George's hair looks like a fucking turban! The way he says it is priceless! Love the liddypool accent!
So anyway part one is just over so before I reward myself with part two I just wanted to let everyone know The Sorentinos are still around and kicking and looking forward to what will be the 28th Year of the band.....I think.... Can't remember for sure but Rob will probably know.... anyway it’s a long time no matter how you add it up! Amazingly it's still fun. Well depending on the gig, but I don’t really do gigs that don't look like they will be fun anymore. I’ve gotten more selective in my old age and really don't have the time for things that aren't fun.... or have the possibility of being fun.
I am not sure which way the next album is going to go but I think I might try another one this year if I find I have something worth saying. I have to wait and see when I get some time to reflect at where we are now, and go from there. I hope to get over and play a few gigs in England this year if it all works out, and see some old friends I haven't seen in ages. Time just goes by so fast it doesn’t seem possible this is 2013!
I have moved to a great little crib in Cotati CA. So we’ll see what kind of songs are in this old place and what the spirit in the sky sends my way...
We are booking gigs now so keep an eye on the live show calendar!
Hope all is groovy in your world keep on rocking!
Dig you later ,Danny man

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