Rock Notes

January 2014
"One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small." I am sitting here listening to Jefferson Airplane's '2400 Fulton Street', a nice little compilation cd that I have had since I worked at Backdoor Records which is now over a decade ago! It's scary how fast it goes by. Anyway, I am thinking back to when I was a wee lad growing up in San Francisco, and going to Golden Gate Park to see Jefferson Airplane, Santana and the Grateful Dead for free! Those were the days! So I always get a warm and fuzzy listening to the early SF bands like Quicksilver, Moby Grape, Country Joe and the Fish, It's A beautiful Day,Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks, The Youngbloods, Hot Tuna, Stoneground, and so many more I can't even remember now just sitting here. So who knows, the next record... maybe a San Francisco sounds album! I am never sure where the spirit will move me until the songs start coming.
I am nursing a Flu/cold for the second day now and the only good thing about is that I don't have to go to work on the waterfront, so I have time to write this little ditty today. I have been busy as a beaver sorting out songs for the next CD. I have been listening to some old songs that for one reason or another haven't found their way on to a CD yet, and newer ones that I hope forward the Sorentinos story along. I have always wanted to put out a acoustic record so I am looking at songs that may fit that format. I am thinking if I do that I will put a band record as well, to go along with the acoustic stuff, and then I think I am gonna rest for a while as far as putting records out and just have as much fun as I can playing gigs and doing other things. I want to write a book of some kind, maybe a story about my life on the fringes of the music business or a comedy..... wait that will be the same thing! Well it only takes time and perseverance, both of which I hope I have enough of.
You know, even though we have put out 19 albums it never gets any easier, records are a lot of work, doing the artwork and recording and trying to get the right treatment on each song that you had in your mind when you wrote it, and I am running out juice to do all that. Really putting out a record is just a force of will and you must have the will all the way to the end of the project to make sure it comes as close to good as you can get.
But enough of all that... on the gig front we will have our first gig of the year at The Twin Oaks Tavern on the 28th of February in Penngrove. My friend Sheila Groves has taken over there, and we are looking forward to our first gig there. And then we will be at Sally Tomatoes in Rohnert Park on the 28th of March. So 2 new venues for us, so come on out and say hay!
Oh one last thing, I am going to try to put up a song a week as a free download for all you groovy folks to dig. They will be old ones, new ones, covers,and whatever I can throw together.
Well here’s to a rocking 2014!
dig you later , Danny man

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