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Quick Update on June 22, 2013
So just a quick update everyone, the new CD 'Rock Bop Rhythm and Blues' is officially released upon an unsuspecting world on June 21, the first day of summer! So... you can now go get it at The Last Record Store in Santa Rosa and online at And it is up on iTunes as well. So let the rock party begin! The Sorentinos begin their Summer Tour 2013 on Friday July 12th at the Music in the Park series in Rohnert Park at 6:00. We are playing a few gigs in July and August, so come on out if you are in the neighborhood. Oh, and Steve Lee will have a few copies of the new CD for our fans across the briny in merry old England.
Cheers , Danny man
June 2013
Hello from the hub of Sonoma County. That would be Cotati Ca. It's a nice spring day here and I am trying to write this before my wife's dog, The Sparky, roots me out of my hiding place with the ever present ball in the mouth and makes me throw it for 500th time today. The dog's name is really Sparky, but he is so spoiled I call him The Sparky like The Donald, only shorter and with his own hair.
I am glad to say our new album 'Rock Bop Rhythm and Blues' is in the can, as they say and should be released at the end of June, just in time for the 4th of July weekend. So you can put some new tunes on stereo and some hot dogs on the grill!
So it turns out that our living room in our new crib is a great sounding place to record drums and guitars, so we ended up doing the whole thing here. My buddy Harry Gale came in and mixed it, and did a simply splendid job working on my laptop without a mouse! He got the hang of it pretty quick. I think all the guys played great on the album, and I am really proud of how it came it out. I would give it a 91/2 cuz you can dance to it Dick! It has a cool cover that my friend of many years (and 16 album covers).. the irrepressible Joe Groma came up with, after more than a few different ideas came and went, he stayed the course, and it came out just like it was supposed to.
We also had some guest artists on the cd. Our buddy Kenny Susan sang some, as did my long time partner in crime Steve “Guido” Barbieri. and my buddy Russ Kerger on piano and saxophone. And to finish it off, the always reliable Mark Lyon mastered it, and did his usual sterling job making sure the top was sparkling and the bottom tight, which is how we all like our bottoms i think....
And while I am thanking people I would like to mention Todd Crawshaw who does our website for next to nothing just because he loves the music which at this point is why we all do it I guess...... Todd also is a writer and has a few books out that you should check out sometime I am pretty sure they are up on Amazon.
Thanks to everyone who made number 19 happen! I have already dropped copies off at KRSH in Santa Rosa, so if you are lucky enough to be in the north bay, give em a ring and tell them to give the new Sorentino CD a spin or two!
Well I think that ‘s it for now, get ready for a rocking summer party like’s it 1959!
see ya at a gig, dig you later, Danny man

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