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July/August Notes 2014
"Well they call me the breeze I keep rolling down the road". I am in a deep J.J. Cale phase right now and it's so much fun to hear such restraint in the art of songwriting, it will never be that way again, life is too fast now for anyone to be that laid-back! Here we are in the dog days of summer at least that what my wife's dog Hair Sparky of Lick-tin-Stein says! We have just come off a great gig up in the Healdsburg Plaza. It was a rocking Tuesday evening for sure, the band is starting to get the groove of the new songs, and Russ, our Keyboard player, is finding his place in the sonic landscape that is The Sorentinos with each passing gig. We are working up to our annual Virginia City gig at The Red Dog Saloon at the end of the month. I think this year is really gonna be fun with all these new San Francisco songs to play, since a lot of the SF sound came by way of V.C. to Haight and Ashbury back in the 60's. I know the music notes are always so informative!
On another note I would like to now include the few folks that didn't make it to our special thanks on the back of the last album.It was a crazy rush towards in the finish line, getting the album mixed and picking out a cover and back cover in time for our summertime gig season, so I didn't name check everyone I should have. So first off, I have to mention Todd Crawshaw, who does our website and does a splendid job of making us look pro although we are really only semi-pro! Thanks Todd! And my buddy Paul Lupus, who does all the work on my guitars and is a fellow Sicilian so you know I get some good recipes from him too! Thanks Paulie!
So I think that is it, I will probably have to come back next month and add a few more names to the list, my memory is not what it once was people!
Oh and the new album, San Francisco Sound, is up on itunes and Amazon right now, as well as and the Last Record Store in Santa Rosa. So come on out see us while the sun does shine. We will be playing through October then taking November off and back for maybe two or three gigs around Christmas, and then a bit of a break at the beginning of year, and then we will see what happens.
dig you later , Danny S.

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