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June 2015 Notes
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And so starts a million rock and roll songs and so now it's time to rock and roll Sorentinos style! We have just finished our twenty-first album, "Rock and Roll Beat". I know I swore I wasn't gonna do another Sorentinos album after the "San Francisco Sound" album we released last year, and I really wasn't. But I ended up writing these songs, and just like the subject matter from the last album was a full circle moment for my musical roots, these songs ended up being full circle musically speaking. The songs that popped up were very much like the first songs I wrote in the late 70's early 80's for my band The Chills, when I was really trying to write rock and roll pop songs vs root rock or singer songwriter styled songs, which is what most of our catalog ended up being. I also recorded this just like I used to do before I started going to studios to make records, and was making home demos for the band to listen too before the gig at the Refectory on Monday nights. I would make the demos on my little four track cassette player, and play all the parts with a drum track, and then play them for the band in the car and then we would go out and play em! And lots of time that was the best they ever sounded!
So with that spirit in mind, I decided to record these songs just that way, and have Rob and Rory come in and put on a real rhythm section, and my buddy Steve Barbieri doing background vocals along with Rob, and then Steve Lee playing guitar on the title song and that's a wrap!
So will this be the last Sorentinos album? It kinda feels like it, but then I know I will keep writing songs till I die. Whether or not I want to go through the hassle of actually putting out a CD or not, I will have wait see when I get there. I know I just don't have the juice I used to have, and many times find myself just wanting to stay home when it's time for a gig, especially if i have worked a lot that week. Maybe after I retire from the waterfront I may get a second wind, but right now I am just taking it one gig at a time, and trying to remember to enjoy playing in a real rock and roll band with my friends.
Well I hope everyone digs the album. I think it's a fun, summertime record and I would give it a... ....9, because even I can dance to it!
Come on out see us at a gig if your so moved.
dig you later , Danny

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