Rock Notes

March 2013
Well happy Saint Paddy's Day everyone. I like to celebrate with a cold Guinness, and maybe a shot of Jamesons and corned beef hash for dinner, I am half Irish after all, so I must follow the rituals laid down by my fore fathers.
I have just finished writing what I think is the last song for the new Sorentinos album. So it's turned out to be a 50's type record. I was gonna write a 60's English pop record, but these songs just presented themselves to me so what could I do? I know enough about writing to know you don't turn your back on the muse when it is working! And it has been a blast writing these songs. I love 50's rock so much. I mean it was the base for everything that came after, and you hear it most in the great 60's bands that came later... The Beatles, Stones, Kinks, The Who, all did covers of great 50's music. Buddy Holly, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Eddie Cochran, Ricky Nelson, Little Richard, Carl Perkins, none of the great englsh bands would of happened without these artists.
So next step is to learn all the songs with the band, and then figure out how and where to record it and hope it all comes out the way you want it to.
Sounds pretty easy.......... well maybe ....The last record "Blues Century Twenty-One" was pretty easy to make except for the mixing part. I am thinking I may do this one live to two track tape, like they did in the 50's.
So far it looks like a 14 song album. That's the amount I like to put on albums since The Beatles always put that many on their english release albums.So if my math is correct, this will be album no. 18! So I have two more to do, then I am stopping at 20! That will be enough songs to sing for the rest of my life! Maybe a book or a screenplay next, who knows?
Well that's enough for now. We are playing this Friday at The Last Day Saloon, my buddy Steve Lee is coming into town and will be sitting in with us and our good friend and former drummer Kenny Susan is in the drum chair that night while Rory is at his sister’s wedding.
Hope to see you all soon!
dig you later , Danny man

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