Rock Notes

March 2014
Hello there from the left coast.
Well, the Sorentinos just played our first gig at The Twin Oaks, and it was a rocking good night. Our good friend Sheila Groves has taken over at this Classic Sonoma county roadhouse, and it's turning into one of the county's best places for live music. We will be back soon, and if your around the North Bay you should drop by and have a longneck and a shot! Yee Ha!
Right now Rory is over putting drum tracks on the new album, and it's coming along splendidly. This is gonna be a half acoustic, half electric album, and I think it will be 16 songs with eight each, though that could change! Yeah 20 it's pretty mind blowing really I never would of thought we would be around long enough or find it interesting enough to make 20 albums so you never know.... at least I don't! I really have just been writing the same five songs over and over hoping to get them as close to good as I could! Plus what's more fun than being in a rock and roll band? Nothing I could think of anyway, of course it's not all roses, but at the end of the day it's a pretty good way to pass the time.
Well that's it for now back to the tracks
dig you later , Danny man

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