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Quick June Update
Hey everyone my friend Wendy up in Seattle told me the new Sorentinos CD is up on itunes now ! Check it out if your so inclined. She bought one you can too !
Cheers , Danny
May 2012
Well it's here at last the new Sorentinos album "Blues Century Twenty One". This makes it number 17! That's including my solo albums and my Lucky Buck record. Like all records, this record had it's ups and downs and round and rounds. It's always a challenge to make an album on a small budget and have it come out the way you want it to. I have got to say I think it came out pretty close to what I had in mind when I first wrote the songs with the concept of a modern blues album, modern in the sense that lyrically it would address problems of everyday life in 2012 but still use time tested blues forms and chord progressions.
We cut all the basics live in one day and I kept my live vocals on about half the songs and a lot of Howard's solos where one takers. All the guys played well under the pressure of live recording and just playing the songs maybe once or twice before the session. I think Howard's playing on this record is really good and has a flow that really fit well with the material, melody wise. Rob and Rory lay down a nice simple groove, and I did my best to sing in key most of the time! I had my buddy and long distance Sorentino Steve Lee add his shang a lang on a nice little acoustic number, and our former drummer Kenny Susan did some background vocals that make everything just right. I am very lucky to have my pal Joe Groma do the album art like he has for every Sorentino album since "What we dream" in 1995. I couldn't put these records out without Joe coming up with cover ideas and helping me with my rough concepts of what I am looking for (or not looking for!), and one more shout out to Mark Lyons for mastering and helping me with mixing tips! Oh and Jamie Bridges who did the basics at his cool little studio in Petaluma "Room with a view", and mixed half the record. Thanks everyone! All these folks provided their services at a price that allows me to make these albums on the tragically low budget that i have. So thanks again fellas.
The CD is up on right now for hard copy and download sales, and should be up on itunes and all the other online providers in a few weeks. If you are up in the North bay area I will be bringing some down to the Last Record Store in Santa Rosa soon, so go in and say hey to Doug and pick up a few Sorentino CD's. I mean there are 17 to choose from!
We will start playing some gigs now that this record is behind me and I can put some energy into playing live. So keep an eye on the website more to come soon!
dig you later ,

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