Rock Notes

November 2012
Hello and good morning, I am listening to Breakfast with the Beatles this fine Sunday morning in November sipping a lovely cup of Typhoo tea and enjoying the view from my new digs in bucolic Cotati, Ca. I Have been putting in a lot of hours at my day job on the docks in San Francisco trying to make my hours before my work year calendar expires in December so I am glad to have a day off! Lucky for me The Sorentinos don’t have any gigs this month cuz I might be too tired to rock and roll all night long! But I am glad to say we have some fun shows coming up in December and then on to 2013!
I am hoping to get back to some songwriting and making some noise with the boys in the studio next year. I still have one more album to put out to complete my trilogy of one country record (Lucky Buck) a blues album (Blues Century Twenty one) and then my English pop/ rock record. These touchstones are my musical roots along with Jazz, but I don’t really have the chops to really play jazz so I have to leave that one alone! Who knows one day I may try one anyway! So I have to get busy writing those songs. I don’t have any laying around right now so we will see how it goes, all Sorentino albums are pretty much a mixture of Blues, Country, English pop/rock and garage rock anyway, but it’s fun to try to write them in their pure form.
Oh the garage album was “If Not Now, When?” kinda. Most of the songs were written that way, in a way no matter what we do it comes out sounding garage cuz that’s where we are from! Well I will try to post one more note before our gigs in December, now that I am not trying to sell a house or buy a house, I am hoping to have more time for fun stuff like music!
dig you later, Danny man

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