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November Notes 2014
Oh No it’s November! How did another year get away so quickly? Well I guess the good news is that we made it this far, and are here to order that next pizza! or whatever your food of preference is.... As a guy at the waterfront says "Its better to be seen than viewed".
Now that everyone is feeling good about being alive, I just want to say how much fun The Sorentinos had this year playing gigs and recording the latest album "San Francisco Sound". Now that we have all reached a certain age, I think we are all grateful to still be out there rocking and rolling and can appreciate what we have as a band that's been around for almost 30 year. You can't buy it, that much I know.
So we are taking this month off, and will be back in December for our big Christmas show that gives joy and happiness to every girl boy all around the world! So far our Sonoma County gig will be at The Twin Oaks, I think it's Saturday the 20th but I will confirm that and post it soon. And we are working on a Marin County date as well.
So everyone have a great Thanksgiving and we will see you at Christmas time.
Oh yeah, and it’s Howard Vatcher's birthday this month so Happy Birthday How!
dig you all later , Danny Man

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