Rock Notes

October 2012
Happy Fall Folks! It’s 5:00 am on this lovely October 1 morning. The crickets are chirping outside, the family is asleep, and I am sitting here sipping some green tea in my ” Den of Rock”. This is where I keep all my bass guitars, rock memorabilia, ventriloquist dummies, and where The Sorentinos actually rehearse… when we do rehearse that is!
Dan has been busy tying up loose ends with the moving/house purchasing process, so I will take over this month. First of all, I want to thank everyone for supporting the band this summer. We had some fun shows… and even some not so fun shows (Reno comes to mind). It is always great to meet new fans and turn them on to our music. We have received great response to our latest, Blues Century 21… and I have a sneaking suspicion that once Dan is tucked into his new digs, he will be churning out CD # 15!
OK… I need to change into my Park Ranger garb and hit the streets and trails of Marin.
Have a great month. Dan, Howard, Rory, and I will see you down the road.
Let it Rock!!

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