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October 2013
Hello from bucolic Cotati Ca.!
I am listening to Beatle outtakes and it's the last day of September. It's a gray and drizzly day, which I really dig as long as I don’t have to go to work! And I didn't today so I thought I would write this update. And maybe a little songwriting today as well, if the spirit moves me.
The Sorentinos played a semi rainy day gig at Taft Street Winery yesterday, that was really fun. All the folks there are super nice and the wine is outstanding. What more can you ask for?
The Sorentinos only have two more gigs this season before we take a break for the month of November then back for a few gigs at Christmas time. One of the gigs is a benefit for our buddy, Chris Marvin, who is fighting cancer, The gig is on Sunday October 6th, and there is a bunch of bands playing, we go on around 3:30 so if you can swing it, this is a good cause. It is listed below in our gig calendar.
This has been one of our busiest years and really one of the most fun overall, after doing this for so long, it's a real blessing that we are able to keep the ball rolling and in good enough health to keep rocking and still have fun doing it! Thanks to all the folks who came out this year to see us, hope it was fun for you too! As a matter of fact, I think this year that was the one where the comment I heard the most from people who came out to gigs who hadn’t seen us before was "you guys are really fun!" and I think that is a good thing in this modern day and time when there is so much doom and gloom in the media. Sometimes it's just nice to have a rocking little 3 minute ditty that makes you forget your day job!
On that note I would like to add that I think the band is really in a good groove right now and even as we make mistakes, I like the way it sounds!
I have most of a new record written now, so maybe in November we will start working on some new songs.
Gotta keep moving baby don't slow down. So when we come back in December, be ready for some new sounds of yesterday today! I say that cuz it seems we are categorized as a retro band, which is mostly true, we do show our 60's and 70's music roots proudly, but I also think we take it outside the box every once in a awhile, and that combo is what makes the particular kind of noise only The Sorentinos make for better or worse til death do you part...
Well that's enough rambling for now... be back in November with another update ,
dig you later , Danny man

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