Rock Notes

September 2015 Notes
Howdy from Rob here from lovely McNears Beach Park in San Rafael! Actually, as I write this September greeting to you, my house is a sweltering 88’ at 9:00 pm!. Not having air conditioning really sucks!! While Dan the Man usually writes these witty columns, I have taken over the task while he is in Hawaii for his daughter’s wedding. Maybe he will write a song about it if we are lucky? We already have a song called “Wedding Day” come to think of it. He may have to write a new song about a porpoise….or blue sky…or walking on hot lava. Ya never know. Rory (our dapper drummer) is on vacation in LA and Cabo, and our “new” guitarist Steve is probably keeping busy playing guitar with one of his other 5 bands. I am off to Vegas on Monday for a Parks Conference. It’s all work for me…well…ok, I may have a cocktail or three by the pool. Just bought the new book by Chrissy Hynde from The Pretenders called, “Reckless, My Life as a Pretender”. Should be a good read while I increase my chances for skin cancer. I will in the very least stay hydrated! On Friday Sept. 25 I’m going with my pals Howard and Don to see AC/DC at ATT Park in SF! Big Rock!! Many years ago my old band Rolls Rock played a rock club in Dallas , Texas. We were told by the promoter that AC/DC would be coming to the club after their show at a local arena. Imagine my surprise when in the middle of our third set, 4 of the 5 members walked in and sat at the bar. Our band was beyond excited to say the least. Our hair was perfect, our guitars in tune, people were drinking and dancing…..and the guys in AC/DC never once turned around to look at us! They had their drinks and left. The dummies! J After my AC/DC show, The Sorentinos return to the Rio Nido Roadhouse on Saturday September 26….and we may NOT play any AC/DC songs!
See ya down the road

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